Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't ya just love birthdays?

Good Sunday afternoon crafters!  It is a balmy 82 degrees here in SC Missouri!!  I can't believe it.  It has been beautiful this weekend to get out and do whatever makes you feel good.  I got a ( new to me) used fridge from some friends of ours.  It is a nice fridge, and I am stoked because we have the option to have a nice glass of cold ice water from the convenience of the door!  I'm tellin' ya - the little things make me happy - most of the time.

Today - I thought I would share with you two cards I made for my mom's best friend, Linda.  She is like a second mom to me - she and my mom have been friends for YEARS ( over 34 yrs which is how old I am - and more ).  She loves anything tropical, and who could blame her in these stressful times.  Thinking of a tropical getaway always sounds nice.  So - I made her a tropical birthday card on request of my mom - and then I made her one from me that was bright and cheery.

And the inside - which has my favorite part - the "bottle with sand and seashells"

Then this is the one I made for her - the stamp set I used for this one is "Upsy Daisy" from SU.  It is such a cute little stamp set.

Linda loved them both!!

:::On another note::: - I have done two haul videos - and will be posting them up on You Tube soon.  I gotta find a different format for my videos because they take so long to load.  Anyway - be on the look out for those!

Till next time!

Stay inspired!!,

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  1. I think I may just love palm trees more than birthdays...nothing beats a palm tree! The cards look great I love the vibe from them! And I can't believe it was 82 degrees that is so not fair!