Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just because

Hi crafters and blog readers.  My Sat. evening is being spent just relaxing and taking in the time off to do "whateva".  I wanted this evening to share with you a card I sent to my brother, sis in law, and two nephews.  They live about 4 or so hours from me - and right now the whole family is really busy is baseball.  Since I don't get the chance to see them all that often - I wanted to let them know that they were thought of, and that I loved them - Just because.

I am really into making "window" cards right now for some reason.  I just love the "extra" something it gives to a card.  You can do lots of things with window cards - and embellish them lots of different ways.  I made a birthday card tonight with the same window effect, but a different variation.  I will share that card with you very soon.  Well - I'm gonna run.  I bought some more "storage" for my room, and I need to put it together.  I LOVE storage!  Night!!


  1. "Whateva" sounds so nice! :-) That card is adorable too. As usual, you put together some great colors!

  2. I really really like this card. The window looks good and I love that blue color! Did you use markers to color it? It's lovely!


  3. @Laura - coming from an amazing card maker - I appreciate your sweet comment girl!
    @ Rachel - I didn't color at all - it is just the color of the matting card stock I had around. :o) Thanks for your support Rachel!