Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hello There!!

Hi friends!!  Has it really been since April since my last blog post????  Gosh, I had no idea! My apologizes for the major neglect towards posting on my blog.  To be honest, I am actually glad I took the break from my blog as I was in a rut and didn't enjoy blogging as much as I enjoy posting Youtube videos and posting on Instagram and because of that, my blog took a back seat.  I am here today to say sorry to those that actually read my blog, and I hope to get back into blogging again.  It wasn't my intention to go MIA for so long on here, but it happened.  I am around, and doing fine, but life has had its major ups and downs these past few months.  The biggest I would say is the lost of our sweet Katie ( our Russian Blue cat ) - she was so special to our hearts, and it was tough and still is knowing she is no longer with us, but with loss comes new additions to love.  We now have Gracie ( another Russian Blue) and we still have our Daisy ( Calico Manx ) at least for the moment.  She is getting old and she has her own health issues.  Left to Right - Katie ( RIP sweet girl ) - Daisy ( 18) and bottom Gracie 6 mths old the 15th!

Other things have occurred, but as I have mentioned, I am very active on Instagram and I post videos to my YT channel at least once a week.  So, if you'd like to follow me there - you can find me under kwcarddesign, or Kari Webster. 

This is me literally just popping in to say hello, and my blog is still active.  I just gotta get back into the swing of things and make myself post again here! 

Hope you all are well, and hope life is treating you kind!!  I will be back soon with new card projects!!