About KWCardDesign-
KWCardDesign was created in Nov. 2010 after much encouragement to have a website dedicated to all my cards that I make and create.  I was a little hesitant at first, because frankly, I thought creating a blog would be hard.  I know enough knowledge of computers and how they work, enough to get by but creating a blog, well, it has been trial and error. I am sure as time progresses you will see the blog itself go through lots of changes.  I hope all the visitors like yourself that take the time to visit, enjoy the journey of KWCardDesign. 

About the author
-Kari Webster
-Happily married to my husband Chris
-"mother" of two cats- Katie and Daisy
-Day job I work at the local hospital
-originally born in Arkansas,  moved to MO in 2003
-lover of many things like dark chocolate, writing pens, colors ( I change my mind all the time so for now I like purples, blues, greens, and oranges)
-I have been a card maker for 9 years, and I absolutely adore it, and love the creative outlet that it has given me.  I am a pretty creative person, and after I stopped playing clarinet after six years, I felt I had no outlets that I could get into.  A friend of mine took me to my first Stampin' Up party Aug 2009 and I was immediately hooked.  I love all things about paper crafting.

I thank each of my visitors that have come to visit my blog and for looking at the projects that I display on a regular basis.

You can contact me at: