Tuesday, April 12, 2011

YouTube & FB - getting my name out there!

Hi friends -  I know that I recently posted up a new video - but did most of you know I have a You Tube channel?  I am really starting to do more videos now - and wanted to spread the word about it.  Here is the link to my channel - so please check it out - and tell your friends.  I would love to get more subscribers/friends!!!

KWCardDesign Channel

On those same lines - I also have a FB page for KWCardDesign - I have a FB flatform icon on my blog- so if you like KWCardDesign click the "like" button!!

I also have an Esty shop - but honestly- I haven't been keeping up with that too much.  Maybe that will pick up too - I just need your help in spreading the word! 

Thank you followers!  I just want share what I love with those that love and appreciate it!!

Be Inspired!!

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