Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too much work, not enough play

Hi my friends!  It feels like too much time goes by in between posts anymore!  I wanted to take the time and put something up for my readers, and also welcome all of my new followers!!  This is awesome to have equally talented, and gifted crafters follow me- and the creations I share.  It seems all I do lately is work, and when I am not working I have to eat, do laundry, pay bills, you name it.  I really haven't had the opportunities to really get into any card making lately, and it makes me sad.  This weekend - I am making it a point to do what I love if it is the last thing I do!!  Tonight - my card is one I made a few weeks ago as a special request.  In fact, I need to make her other requested card, and get it off to her!!  I have a couple I need to make this weekend - and fulfill my promises! So- here is tonight's card share.

It is meant to be a masculine card.  I don't get to make those too often.  Wood grain is perfect to inspire to create something for the certain man in your life.

If my hubby liked it, then I knew it was a winner.  My husband is very supportive in my hobby, and I couldn't be more blessed!!

I know this is short and sweet - but I just wanted to post something new for you.  I hope to post more on a regular basis soon.
Again - thank you to all my current and new followers - I appreciate your support and visiting my blog!!

Stay creative, and inspired!

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  1. This card is absolutely beautiful! I'm a new follower...Momo sent me! I'd love for you to stop by my blog as well :)