Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Scrapbook Page! ( with a little help)

Good Sat. everyone!  It is a nice day outside, and I am inside being crafty.  It is all good.  I will get out and enjoy the weather some today.  Last night I went to another Stampin' Up workshop, and as always I look forward to what I will be learning, and discovering.  It was a special night as one of our craft friends was saying goodbye.  She is moving to California to be near her children, and in retrospect for them to be near her, so they can help take care of her.  She has been ill lately, and needs to be around family.  At our workshop, it is usually about making cards, or a some other cute crafty item, but we were taught to make a scrapbook page more approachable to achieve!  I do not dislike scrapbooking at all, but just feel it is overwhelming at times..  I feel that there are numerous ideas out there that so many people come up with, and sometimes it is overwhelming to fill up a 12 X 12 page, or what ever size you choose, and make it presentable on a page with your pictures.  Having that said, we were introduced to a more simple way of approaching it.  Angie is awesome, and she has given me the confidence to try and maybe get into scrapbooking more.  I love my cards, and cardmaking, because it was the first thing I was introduced to just a year and a half ago, but as a crafter, I want to expand what I can do.  So - Angie helped us with planting the seeds, and now all there is to do is grow!  So - here is my first scrapbook page!!

First, the pictures are of my oldest nephew Justin and I back early 2000's.  He is 11 now, and I no longer have the long hair!  I chose these particular pictures because the colors matched the page so much.  That is another thing with scrapbooking.  I feel I have to match the colors in the picture, and sometimes that is added pressure ( for me anyway).  When Justin was very little, he came up with calling me "Kiki", and needless to say Aunt Kari loves it!  It has stuck, and some of my other family even calls me Kiki, which is fine with me!  Here is another pic of the page.

I messed up slightly on the journaling part, because it is my first page, and it is just for me anyway!  I am proud of this page, and maybe in the future I will see what I come up with in other pages.  
Stay Inspired! ( with any kind of crafting)


  1. thanks so much for your comments on my blog today! I love the stamping on your layout

  2. Cute story; your page is sweet! Love the buttons. Thats one of my favorite embellies to put on my layouts.


  3. I can't believe with all the fabulous cards you make you have never made a scrap page! It turned out great and I'm sure you'll be addicted soon. I was the opposite, scrapbook first and now figuring out my cards...they're both great!


  4. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments. It means alot to hear from you!! Keep the feedback coming!

  5. Hi! Momo sent me to your blog. Your scrapbook page looks like you're a natural. I use to make cards all the time (even had my own card business), but suddenly got hooked on scrapbooking and now I can't stop. I had the same feelings of being overwhelmed. Mini albums are a great way to go too if 12x12 is too much. Look forward to seeing more of your creations! ~ Lu

  6. Great job on your first LO! I found your blog thru Momo. I'm a new follower of yours. If you get a chance, please stop by my blog and if you like it become a follower of mine too.


  7. Great job for your first layout! I find scrapbooking the hardest of all paper crafts.

    I found you through Momo. Isn't this the sweetest thing she is doing for us! :o)