Thursday, May 17, 2012

RAK from Sharon :o)

Hi all!  I wasn't expecting to make a post today - but I wanted to share with all of you my first RAK from Sharon Martinelli ( smscrapper ).  I wasn't expecting do receive anything from her at all.  I know I should do a video showing all the stuff here in detail - but honestly - don't have time for a video right now, and I wanted to acknowledge Sharon the day I received it - SO - Sharon!!!  Thank you girl so much for all the nice goodies!!  I love all the trims, and such you've sent me.  I don't buy trims and little flowers like this on my own - so its neat to be able to see what I can do with these!  You're card is gorgeous!!  So much detail!!  I'm in awe!!!!  I appreciate you thinking of me so much!!  You've made my day!!!

You're awesome and I thank you so much for thinking of  me!!!  I love it all!

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