Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Humorous birthday

Happy Tues evening my friends.  I'm back this evening to share with you the cute birthday card I had made for my brother for his birthday that was the 11th of May.  I don't get to see my brother, sis in law, and nephews that much.  It has been about 8 months or so since I have seen them last - which makes me sad, but try to let them know that I love them, and think of them often by sending them cards.  My nephews are both in baseball, so that has the whole family busy right now.  My brother is 4 yrs. older than I am, so I have to poke fun that he will ALWAYS be older than me :o) 

Here is that card I made him.

I really enjoy using baker's twine right now.  As crafters, I think we all go through phases of different themes, or products to use when we enjoy them so much, and right now mine is baker's twine.  Yummy stuff! :o)
I have recently purchased a butterfly chipboard album, and that is my next "big project".  I am taking a tip from the new Creative Spaces magazine, and turning it into a beautiful banner!!  So be on the look out for that in a future post!

Night Friends!!


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  1. I love that bunny stamp!! It looks so great with the card. Twine is a 'phase' that I'm trying to get into but I just don't know how to use it correctly! I think my phase is buttons and glitter (but I will probably never phase out of glitter)