Friday, January 7, 2011

So glad its Friday!

Hi blog readers!- I wanted to pop in and share this card I just finished with you all.  First- hope everyone's week was good.  Mine, it never changes- meaning it continues to stay busy, busy like a bee!  Lots of new changes happening in my dept. right now.  Sometimes, change is good.  I am still trying to get back in my groove.  I feel like I am not there yet, but I still crank out a card or two.  So- let me go ahead and show you the one I made this evening.

I mentioned  before in a previous post that I like to make cards for my co- workers for who ever gets the Employee of the Month award each month- well- this one was made for a special lady who received the highest honor- Employee of the Year, and I wanted to make her a special card as well.  She has to love it, because it has green it in!  She loves green!!  ** Love ya Jess**.  Anyway, the "dimensions" on the card with the circles is a different thing for me.  I literally just saw some scraps that I needed to use in my scrap pile, and did what I could with some of them, and this is what it turned out to be.  Not bad.  So- have any of you check out my first You Tube video from my previous post before this one?  It was mainly a test, and me just having fun with my girl Daisy.  She loves the attention.  I will have an "official" card related video up soon!  I promise!  Well- I'm going to get back to surfing the web and see more ideas of how I can improve my craft space.  There are still so many things I would like to do.  I have a touch of OCD I think!!  UGH!  :o)

Night readers!

Stay Inspired!,

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