Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Tues. Eve

Back again with another post this evening- Hope all of you are well this evening.  I wanted to get in a post for you all before heading to bed.  It seems I have a pattern lately.  I am posting before heading off to bed.  I tell ya- it seems that is the only time right now that I have to do it- **oh**, but it brings me so much joy.  I am not sure who all follows me on here regularly- but I always wanted to post fresh new things, regardless if it is one, or 100 people reading this blog.  I would like to revisit a previous post I did around the holidays- because I didn't get any feedback good or bad on "Who's my audience".  I am still curious to know who all of you are, and who reads and follows my blog.  I will leave that for another night though.  I did a few "tests" if you will on my camcorder this afternoon, and my hope is I will have a full complete video to share with you in the next two weeks.  I need to get some conversion lenses for my Creative Vado HD camcorder so I may do videos that I have to focus real close so you can see my cards, and if I do haul videos, you would be able to see what I get from time to time, and the details of the haul.  I have to get a macro lens for that, so I am looking into that.  OK- enough of the blabbing on- how about a colorful card!!

I don't know if you all will notice, but there is something a little bit different in my photos.....YES- I finally have a watermark now!!  I am so happy!!  It is the little things that make me happy.  I am lucky to have a husband that is a genius in computers.  Bless his heart- I have been asking for weeks now, and finally I have one!  OH!  back to the card at hand.  I made this card for a co-worker of mine- as she got a "employee of the month" nomination and pin for the month we were closing out of.  I try and make cards for my co- workers, that something special and unexpected to have from me and they can look at it and it reminds them of why they deserved the recognition.  I took a page out of Tim Holtz, who taught Jennifer McGuire, who taught her audience in her "Thinking Inking" online "class" on YouTube.  The background of this card is using the Distress Inks and water.  I just made a "pool" of ink on my craft sheet from Ranger, and then spritzed water and then inked up my flourish background stamp, and this is what it comes out looking like- watercolor sort of effect.  Pretty neat.  I love those online classes- you all should check them out on YouTube.    She is a wonderful teacher!!- Well that is enough out of me tonight!!  Till next time we meet!!  :o)

Stay Inspired!!

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