Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOW- can't believe Christmas is almost here...

Hi all!- I haven't posted or shared anything with you since Sunday, so I thought I better.  I can relax for a few days and enjoy some time off from work now.  It has been like a zoo at work for the last few days.  We are getting ready for some changes in our dept, and you can see and feel the difference right now.  It seems tempers, moods are always heightened during this time of year.  I guess, because of all the hustle and bustle, and more stress that is added on, we tend to get testy with others, which is sad, because it seems we all should be in some of the happiest moods of the year...Well, moving on from that, how about a card share!  Let us see what I have for you all today.....

I was able to use some of the Stampin' Up DSP ( designer series paper) that I recently purchased on this card.  My husband said in the middle of the die cut piece that it looked like snowflakes.  I really liked the layered look about this card.  It turned out nice.  Well- in the future, for those of you that like You Tube- I will soon be doing some tutorials.  I won't lie!  I am nervous about it all.  I honestly do not like the way I sound on recorded video, or phone msgs.  Anything that I can hear my voice on playback, I just say EEEKKK...  :o(  It is funny, you always sound different to yourself in your head...teehee. 

Well- nonetheless, be on the look out for videos in the future.  I am waiting on my camcorder to be quite frank.  My husband actually bought me one for Christmas, and we both didn't like it.  It seemed cheaply made, and found something else.  We are getting a Creative Vado HD pocket camcorder.  This thing has several good and high reviews, so it should be worth the money ( which isn't bad by the way) and the wait!!

Well- I am going to call it a night.  Stay safe out there for those of you that have been procrastinating on buying Christmas gifts... ( that would be me- but nothing major to get).  Night my friends!

Stay Inspired!

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