Sunday, December 5, 2010

A few days away..

Hi all!  I'm back with a new post on this Sunday.  I had a few days away since I celebrated my birthday, and trying to do some Christmas shopping.  It has been chilly here in Missouri the last few days.  I've been busy with several different things. My hubby and I went first and rented a ride for the trip to Springfield, MO, so my parents could be with us.  We all could not fit in my little car, so I have been spoiled by the ride we rented for the weekend.  A 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I am so in love with this vehicle, it is not even funny.    I, then went to a Stampin' Up gathering like we do every month, and that was on Friday ( the 3rd).  Then, Saturday morning was the local craft and art show, which was fun.  I went by my lonesome, which is fine. I actually went both days that it took place, Sat and Sun.  We all got in the beautiful Jeep on Sat, and went to Springfield, where we ate at my favorite place, Cheddar's.  If any of you like Cheddar's, then you know what I am referring to on how great it is.  We did a little shopping, and then came home.  Then, here we are, Sunday, and I got out a little bit this morning, of course like I said, went back to the craft show, and got a few more things, and get this......even got a caricature done of myself!  It so neat!!  I have always wanted one of these done!!  So- It has been a pretty busy weekend.  I wanted to get a post in, since I hadn't in a few days.  Here is today's card everyone.  We actually did this on Friday night at Stampin' Up!

The stamp set that was used is "Serene Snowflakes" by Stampin' Up! 

There are other uses for your dryer sheets than just your laundry :o)  With a little bit a creativity, you can use just about anything it seems.  Thank you to Margaret Gobel, my Stampin' Up demonstrator for showing us this technique.

Well- I am hoping that you all had a nice weekend, and for what is left of it, you get to relax or do what you want.  It is back to a little more crafting and laundry :o)

Stay safe my friends!  Till next time!

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