Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Etsy Shop open for business

Hi all, I don't have a card today, but instead of news that my Etsy shop is now open.  I have only posted two cards at the moment and need to post more for a certain requirement, but I will continue to add more as time allows me too.  I am hoping that I will be able to keep up with all that I am doing.  I want to so much to be able to post my cards and keep with the new Etsy shop, AND not make my husband feel abandoned!!

Thankfully the only " kids" I have in my household is my fur babies!!  They pretty much take care of themselves.  You can just give them an ear rub or two, keep their food and water bowls full, and a soft place to lay their heads, and they are content as can be!!  ** I would be too **  :o)

Here are some pictures of my two cats.  Katie is the gray one with a tail and no meow ( literally), and Daisy is the "baby" with no tail and all meow!!  TEEHEE!!

You can't help but love 'em.  They usually are not this close together, that is why this is a "kodak" moment!!
OK- till next time!!

Stay Inspired!,

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