Monday, June 20, 2011

Clean and Simple Congrats

Hello bloggers and craft lovers.  I am back to share with you a simple 'Congrats' card I made for a friend/co worker.  I made this in the event of my dear friend Gena being promoted to a manager position "officially".  She had been filling in, but the sweet woman that had the job already was retiring, and Gena got to take her position officially, and I wanted to of course congratulate her.  She deserves this opportunity! 

Believe it or not, it is hard to make clean and simple cards.  We all want to "doll up" our cards, but sometimes the clean and simple ones are wonderful, too.  On this card, I wanted it to be very colorful.  There is nothing more eye catching than rows of color!! 

 All of the inks that I used are Memento Dye Inks.  I {heart} these inks so much.  Memento Ink and Distress Inks for me are the most used inks that I have.  They stamp well on all the stamps I own, whether it is rubber stamps, or my clear/cling stamps.  Distress Inks are good stamping inks as well.  Some forget to actually stamp with them, but they are awesome for embossing because they stay wet longer for you to apply your powder.  Just a friendly reminder tip!  :)  
I changed the look of my blog slightly.  How does everyone like it??  Anyone think I shouldn't have changed it??  Everyone once in a while, I want change, and that means in my blog too.  I think I drive people at work crazy, because I am always changing and rearranging things around my desk or what have you.  I digress!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day/evening!!  


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  1. Love your clean and modern card! It is hard to stay away from all those embellishments sometimes. I like the new blog look, the colors are really nice!