Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I love to buy craft goodies...

Happy Tues evening my friends.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Recently over the last few days, I have bought some craft goodies ( I haven't received any of them as of yet, but they are coming).  I made my first purchase from PaperTrey, Inc.  I have heard so many wonderful things about their products, especially their ribbon and card stock.  So, I bought the card stock sampler that they have, and also various colors of their ribbon. I'm excited to receive their ribbon and try it out.  Also- I broke down and went ahead and purchased a Clip it Up.  If you have seen my videos on You Tube of my craft area- you will notice in the beginning of video one- I showed on my first wall the long Bygel rail from IKEA.  I had made this into my "homemade" clip it up.  It was just fine, other than the fact that it was so far away, and not right at my finger tips where I would like to see what I have in my clear/cling stamps.  I think I will like this better!!

Also- I have just made some other purchases from Eyelet Outlet, and Stampin Up with their clearance  I bought more ribbon their too.  Not to mention, made purchases through the SU parties I attend.  Good thing we have a refund from the IRS!! (tee hee) Not to worry, I am not just blowing this money- I am actually doing good things with it too, like paying on or off a couple of our bills that need it the most.  Well- onto my card share.  I really, really, really love this card.  I had made it especially for a good friend of mine that recently had surgery, and was recovering at home.  She loves owls, and how could you not by looking at this adorable dimensional sticker!  This card has a lot going for it- lots of color, and just pure happiness.  It was a hit for sure!

I really never know how some of my cards will turn out because I don't do like some, and do a sketch before hand. I just go with what I have, remembering what the person I am making for likes as far as color, animals, flowers, etc, and see what comes out of it.  This being said- I almost didn't give this one up!  It is too cute!!  I know I am gushing over my own creation- but I feel I can do this from time to time! 

Well- I am rambled on long enough!  Have a good evening everyone!  Stay safe out there and be good to one another!

Stay Inspired!,


  1. It is VERY cute! You have all the right to love it. So pretty

  2. Hey thanks so much Rachel! I appreciate your feedback!!! :o)