Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friend projects, and some rambling...

Hi crafters!!  I'm back with another post for you.  This time I wanted to shake things up a bit, and share with you some projects that I have recently done for some friends of mine.  Every now and then, I want to get my creative juices going with something else other than a card.  I LOVE my cards, as you all know that follow me, but sometimes I need to break out of that and create something different.  Recently, I had a friend of mine ( and technically she is family by marriage) asked if I would take her favorite saying and create something beautiful to look at for a reminder that no matter what she faced, she had everyone's faith in her as long as she believed in her self.  So, she wrote it down on a post it note, and I took it home, and this is what I created for her.....

She loved it!!  I even took a frame I currently had, and altered it a bit, so she would have a "complete package".  I love it when my friends and family give me challenges to do - creatively!  It makes me broaden the possibilities! 

Then, we have my dear friend Vicki.  As I am posting this, she still has not seen this that I am about to share with you.  Vic is my "rebel" friend.  At heart she is a peace loving, biker chick!  I just love her.  She most certainly calls it as she sees it, and I respect that from her.  Last year, at Big Lots I found some discounted 12 X 12 papers called "Flower Child", and the patterns are what you would expect- flowers, peace signs, paisleys, etc.  So- I carefully cut out from one of the sheets the big flower with the peace sign in the middle, and put on the backdrop of continuous peace signs.  Then, I had some felt letters, and arranged them to say
"My Friend", and accented them with some Stickles in Paprika!  I just love Stickles, you can do so much with that stuff!  Anyway, then I took a trip to Wal-Mart and purchased a frame that really accented the whole project!  It think it turned out nice. 

In other news::: I mentioned in the last post that I had purchased some craft goodies- and among all the stuff I've have ordered from various places, one that I was really looking forward to was my Clip It Up!  I bought it at for 43 bucks and some change, with FREE SHIPPING!  I got a pretty good deal on it I think.  I already love it.  I have at my finger tips my clear and cling stamps, that are not already in clear DVD cases ( most if not all Stampin' Up).  I still have like 3 or 4 orders that should be trickling in next week.  I am really anxious for my PaperTrey order.  This is my first order with them, and I know that they have quality products.  Well, believe it or not, I think I have my craft room in the arrangement that will stick for a while!  Never thought I would say those words.  The only thing that I would like to change is the actual wall color from dark purple, to maybe a pretty green or blue, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.  Maybe one day. 

OK my friends, I have rambled on long enough.  I don't want to run you all off with boredom!  :o)  Love to all!!

Stay Inspired!,


  1. I agree that it is fun to stray away from the card making! As much as I love making cards, I always have some other project going on. Right now, my big project is reupholstering a chair! Hopefully it turns out as nicely as your two craft projects did!

  2. With the confidence in your self- there is no doubt your chair will turn out great! Thanks for your feedback Heidi!