Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sending Love and Hugs( Personal Post )

Happy Sat!  I wanted to share with all of you a card that I made for Kristina Werner.  As most of you know, in the card making world, Kristina is at the top of the list of inspiring artists - not only is she an awesome card maker, blogger, youtuber, she is a phenomenal graphic designer, and recently she lost her beloved Mannie - her black and white kitty.  Mannie was her pal, and if you've watched any of her videos or follow her on any of her social media, you know or even heard Mannie :)

Personally, the loss of Mannie affected me more than it probably should for the simple fact that I don't personally know Kristina in "real" life, but trust me when I tell you that the Good Lord gave me a sensitive heart, especially when it comes to things I hold dear like furbabies, they tend to affect me in some form or fashion.  It affected me hard because I have two cats of my own that I hold precious and dear to my heart.  They are my "children" as I do not have any of my own.  The week that Mannie got sick, and then passed, I was dealing with the sickness of my cat Katie.  It wasn't nearly as a serious condition as Mannie, which I was thankful for, but I didn't know what do to for my girl outside of taking her to the vet, which I did. Now I know this blog post isn't centered around me or my fur babies, but I wanted you to know where I was coming from when I made this card.

I wanted Kristina to feel that she was loved by me and felt support of what she was going through, and the best way possible that I felt I could do that ( other than a donation in Mannie's honor which I did do) was to make her a card.  That is how Kristina came into my life as probably she did with most of us - crafting.

Now I am sure I am not the only one of her fans that will and have sent her a card, but I just felt compelled to share mine with you - my blog readers and followers. As you see, this card represents Mannie in a happier place( and not hurting) - the sun is shining, which means this kitty is in the ultimate place to "sunbathe" - over the rainbow bridge.  

I hope she has received it, and likes it.  And, I hope she feels that love that I so want her to have through her grieving period without her buddy, Mannie.  Kristina - on the off chance you are reading this - I send you much love, and wish for you one day that you will be able to be in a place in your heart that you can give love to another precious kitty like Mannie - because you were the best thing that happened to him, and I KNOW he knew that.  

Thanks for taking the time to read a more personal blog post from me today!  See you all soon!


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  1. You are a beautiful person, Kari. Love and hugs to you my friend!